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What Can Be Done About Thinning Hair?

As hair is growing, it goes through several phases including resting, growing, and shedding.  Most of our hair should be in the growing phase with 10 percent of hair in the resting phase at any given time. Events like surgery, pregnancy, changing, stopping, or beginning medications, vitamin deficiencies, stress, or other illness can cause many […]


Why Take Vitamin Supplements?

While it’s ideal to get our vitamins and minerals from eating a healthy, clean diet, there is a benefit from taking supplements.  Since an insufficient intake of nutrients is common for so many of us, The Journal of American Medical Association recommends that all American adults take vitamin supplements. The nutrients in our food are […]


Is It Aging, Or Neglect Over Time?

When I was young, I feared growing older because I was led to believe that feeling tired, getting wrinkled, and gaining weight were an automatic by-product of aging. I spent many hours of my young life worried about the “inevitable.” If only someone had told me that it just wasn’t so! And truth be told, […]