About | Personal Trainer Los Angeles Barbara Wade

barbaraFINAL-2After turning 50, I became dedicated to living a fit and healthy lifestyle. Like many of my clients, there had been times in my life when I had been active and in shape, and there were times when I was more involved with other things and allowed my fitness goals to take a back seat.  I realized at 50, that if I wanted to look and feel my very best that I had to make it a priority and keep it a priority for the rest of my life.  My first step was to lose the thirty pounds I had gradually gained over the years, and then educate myself in nutrition.  I committed myself to exercising every day, even if it was just a twenty minute walk and stretching.  I read every fitness magazine I could to stay inspired.  By the time I was 56, I entered my first bikini competition and came in 1st Place! I’ve continued to compete and win more titles in bikini and sports model.  Of course, everyone I knew wanted to know how I did it.  I became certified as a personal trainer because I love feeling great and looking my best, and I want you to feel that way too!