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During our first session together, we’ll assess your strengths and weaknesses, establish goals, and a do a sample workout.  I will train you in your home or office and a variety of outdoor locations with a program specific to your needs.  There is no special equipment necessary. You can expect a variety of effective workouts and will learn the principles of exercise that will stay with you for life.

For those that prefer it, I also train clients at a private gym in Beverly Hills and a private gym in the San Fernando Valley.

Semi-private training and small group training (2-4 clients) are also available.  Contact for rates.


Online training is a great option when you have a busy month, may be traveling, or you are not in the Los Angeles area.  You will have weekly customized guidelines for exercises and meal plans that target your goals. Learn what pace and intensity levels are required to get into great shape.


Join the party with group fitness!  We’ll crank up the tunes to sculpt, sweat and stretch in the studio.  Be part of Team Fit And Ageless Over 50. All proceeds are donated to Vitamin Angels   Do something wonderful for yourself while helping others! Get on the list to be notified of the Group Fitness Workout Party dates and location. Enter your email address in the newsletter sign up to the right!


Boot camp can give you the spark you need to drive your fitness results into over-drive!  We’ll incorporate strength training, cardio, flexibility, agility and core training to burn fat and strengthen muscles. Every workout will end with a full body stretch routine. You will get in the best shape of your life, lose weight and feel terrific while having fun and making friends.  Contact for dates and price info.


Need to drop those stubborn pounds and keep them off?  There’s no need to go hungry, feel deprived, or feel like you need to eat things you don’t enjoy just because you’re on a “diet.”  Meet weekly and learn how to really do it, stay motivated and feel your best ever!

Individual sessions are 4 weeks for 30 minutes weekly –

Group sessions (maximum 12 people) are 12 weeks for one hour weekly


Now that you are on your way to a sleeker, firmer transformation…you’ll want the rest of you to match.  Have you ever painted a room only to realize that the fixtures needed updating?  In my own experience, once I had lost the weight, I was almost surprised to find that my stomach skin was loose and the back of my thighs had cellulite that just wouldn’t budge.

Many things can add years to our appearance…thinning hair, thin eyebrows, loss of volume in the face, wrinkles, loose skin, age spots, our “style” choices…the list goes on.  The good news is that in this day and age there is a solution for everything!  There is often a cosmetic “quick fix” for an immediate illusion of change and also a more permanent long-term solution.   In our one hour consultation, we will discuss your concerns from head to toe and the options.  When appropriate, you will be referred to a specialist for your needs.


Please contact me today for a consultation call.  We’ll discuss your needs and goals during a short phone call and determine if we are a good fit for each other.  Training is very personal and this is why a one on one call is a great way for you to explore your needs.  Please click on Contact Me.

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