Online Personal Training

PERSONAL TRAINER LOS ANGELES BARBARA WADE Online personal training is a great option when you have a busy month, you may be traveling, or you are not in the Los Angeles area to train with me personally.  With online personal training, it’s like having access to your trainer at any time that fits your schedule.  Exercises and meal plans that target your individual goals can be as close as the click of your mouse and your phone. Your progress is under continual review and revisions will be made so that you will continue to achieve maximum benefits for your efforts.  Your personal online training program is designed to stay fresh, new and interesting.

To begin with, you will complete online a comprehensive assessment form that includes medical history, exercise regimen, personal statistics, and fitness goals.  Using this information, a plan will be created just for you.  Then you will be provided with a unique member ID and password to access your workout plan by logging in from for client login link at the top of the website on the left.  CLICK HERE

Additionally, each client has a page that is unique, and you will have the ability to personalize this online journal yourself by uploading personal pictures, keeping an online diary, adding personal streaming videos and more.   Your page has features such as daily written and video diaries, progress tracking and healthy activity guides to keep you on track.  You may choose to share your profile page with friends and family so that they can follow your wellness journey and even add message posts to your private page.  Recording your progress and sharing it with others is now as easy as logging in. You will also be able to access:

  • Exercise technique demos to verify that you are using correct form when following the workout recommendations
  • Custom meal plans and grocery lists created just for you
  • Daily fitness tips
  • Message board where you can post and receive messages from other clients and from me
  • Healthy recipes and nutrition tips that you can use when eating out or at home
  • Food journal to easily input your details from breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between

Online personal training is a great choice when you want the continuing education, nutritional counseling, and motivational support to achieve and maintain your fitness goals with the ease of your computer.