Personal Training Philosophy | Personal Trainer Los Angeles Barbara Wade

The most important component to becoming fit is consistency. And to be consistent, it takes a plan with diet and exercise. It also takes motivation, and to remain motivated we need to see results. When you feel great and look great, you’re empowered and excited about life!

Most of my clients want to lose weight, lose fat, gain lean muscle and improve balance and posture. In addition to a plan of action with exercise, eating real foods is important to creating your best body. When accessing a client and creating a game plan, I take into account lifestyle, preferences and how we may work around limitations to achieve the client’s goals. Periodically, we will reevaluate, make adjustments, and go to a new level. I believe that you should have fun and feel good while you’re exercising, and afterwards you will be energized. There will always be days when we are tired, not feeling our best, or when we are over-committed, and these obstacles can make it very challenging to stay on track with our goals. With those times in mind, I’ve also created a workout that you can do lying down with your eyes shut. No excuses!:) Additionally, if desired, we can discuss anti-aging recommendations. For example, when I lost weight I was surprised that my body didn’t look like I was expecting…I had loose skin and wrinkles on my stomach and I still had cellulite on my thighs. It took additional steps for me to change that.

Whether you are new to developing a fit and healthy lifestyle, or just need some additional knowledge and motivation to go further, I’m committed to helping you reach your fitness goals. You are going to look and feel amazing! Please  click on Contact Me.